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Don't Go It Alone

For those who cannot imagine the hurt, confusion, worry, fear and shame of those facing the challenges of addictive behavior, take a moment and read a few testimonials below.

 For those facing the challenges of addictive behavior, you are not alone. Please contact Free Heroin's Hold. We want to hear your story and will do everything in our power to help.

Together, we will win.

This drug killed Dylan and it has killed too many other young men and women. I fought this fight with Dylan everyday and I will not give up.

My life mission is now to help other individuals and  families with a young loved one fighting the stronghold of heroin or other drug addiction.

Personal testimonials.

From families and individuals affected by addictive behavior.


My son has been battling heroin addiction for 2 1/2 yrs. 
He has a fiancé that has stuck with him through it all. 
They have a 16 month old baby. 

Home is not conducive for his sobriety, or absence of.
I don't know how to direct him. 
I work full time and support his fiance, baby and well him. 

I feel worn out and do not know how to help him. 
I know he doesn't want to be this way and wishes he could stop. 
I don't want to lose my son and I see him really trying hard.


We as parents of heroin addicts feel each loss as if it's our own. I cry every story I hear. 

My husband died 3 yrs ago. 
My sons all struggle with grief and using different things to cope.

I don't know what to do any more. 
I am fearful of every decision. 
I feel like I'm cracking in half, never know when I'm doing the right thing.  


My brother, who is 32, has been an addict for 15+ years is probably at his worst right now. 
He's strung out on heroin, jobless, homeless, phoneless and is playing with death. 
He has no health insurance so help is very limited with no money or insurance. 

My family and I are in such need right now more than ever to find him help and hope. 
My family and I are desperate and reaching out to whoever can help.
Please, help…


Coming from a 40 year old woman who was a wife, a mom, owned a home had a great job… and managed to find this same devil in disguise…. 

Nothing more powerful than educating people! 
Knowledge. It gave me the freedom and tools to start living life on life's terms again. 
And to be able to wake up each day and not have my mind and body consumed by my addiction. 


My son is 28 still living at home and struggling severely with opiate addiction anxiety and depression. 
So hard to find treatment that accepts his state insurance. 

I don’t know where to turn.

God bless you and your family. 

You have suffered the nightmare that we all are terrified will be us next. 
I live this every day with multiple children in my house. 



Im a recovering addict of 2 years and 4 months. 
I started with prescription, then went to dope… 🙁

I know too many people that have passed away. 
I got help because I got pregnant and thank God that my baby saved my life!


We are also struggling with our son. Not sure where to turn. 

He has been through 4 treatment rounds. 
He just got kicked out of a sober house yet again. 

Financially and emotionally draining and not sure if we should be more tough or what else to try. 
It seems hopeless as you say and I fear he will soon be another statistic.


I really need help I don't no where to turn.
I've turned every body I love away from me I feel alone I'm willing to do whatever it takes to get my family back. 
Please help...

My boyfriend and child’s father had been doing heroin for about a year now. 
At first it started out inhaling it and then eventually led to injecting it. 

He had let this drug completely take over him he had lost everything along the way. 
His morals, lying to me, his family and friends. 
He began stealing from anyone just to support his habit. 

Back in September he had gotten arrested for breaking into someone's home to sell things for this drug. He had gotten caught. 
Thank God and had been in jail for 4 months now. 
He says he is completely done with it and will never go back now that he finally could get off of it. 

I am still concerned and worried he might fall back down and relapse, we have a 4 month old baby girl.
We have absolutely no resources here…


Oh your story, how it broke my heart pieces all over again.
My son also died of a heroin overdose on October 19th 2015 such a young age of 24

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